Hello Friends, If you are irritated from your phone’s useless battery life and feels some weird when you have to hold a 500 gm bloody power bank in your hand for the complete day, then stay tuned with this post till the end. Today, I am telling you some tips and if you follow them, then for sure you get a better battery life. So you can use your phone completely for your benefits.

Hopefully not so, if time reaches to 5:00 PM at the end of the day and you are not having a charging socket nearby so may be you can lost.

So Let’s Start

First of All

  • Phone Radios


In your phone, for calling a different network radio is available but there are a large number of different types of networks available such as Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC etc. Actually you use it when needed and by mistake you leave it open until you saw it again. Suppose you are somewhere at a very far place such as Jungle, Desert etc. and there is no Wifi nearby but your phone Wifi is On or if you transferred any file to someone by Bluetooth and you forget to turn it off, then it continuously consuming your battery.

So here you have to see the networks which you use sometimes and turn off them when not in use.

  • App Updates


If you go to settings section in Google Play Store or Apple Store and if there you see that auto update apps feature is On. Suppose if you are somewhere at outside and suppose your phone battery is 16% and In that condition suppose some 4-5 app update comes which is of nearly 100-150 MB and then it automatically start updating those apps and the phone is in your pocket and Internet speed is too low and it takes half an hour to complete it and your battery reaches to 6%.

Hence at that time, there is no need to update those apps. So turn off this option of Automatic updates and after that If you have a Wifi and if your phone is on charging condition, then you can manually update it.

  • Touch Sounds


In your phone, you see there are different types of sounds such as Tup! Tup! Tup!, Dug! Dug! Dug! and specially In Samsung phones those Water sounds or some type of vibrations and haptic feedback is coming when you type something, then close all those touch sounds and vibrations.

There is no need of such sounds because every time you type then a vibration motor starts and consumes your phone battery. Specifically turn off those Lock-Unlock, Touch ans all unwanted sounds to get a better battery life.

  • Screen


In your phone, screen is the most important culprit of battery and there are basically 2 points for your screen.

  • First one is In your screen you have to put a low brightness and low means that you don’t have to use Auto Brightness feature because In auto brightness, a sensor is in work continuously which checks surrounding light and automatically adjust your screen brightness and if you adjust some low brightness from auto, then you see that it also feels good to you. So you have to adjust your brightness manually depending on where you are ? Indoor or Outdoor.
  • Second one is Screen timeout means that time duration after that your phone screen is closed. If you see it, then it was adjusted to 2 minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Now if any notification comes then your phone screen keeps on for that time and your battery is consuming continuously. So here you have to decrease it to 15 secs, 20 secs or 30 secs.
  • Wallpaper


In your phone, remove the live wallpaper from background. Its OK that it looks cool but you should use a static wallpaper to boost your battery life. If your phone is having an Oled or Amoled screen, then you have to use a plain black wallpaper and it seems somewhat dull but it is interesting. Also if any dark mode is available in your phone, then you can use it to increase your battery life.

  • Background Data Usage


In Background, a lot of apps are consuming data. So you have to go to settings and disable selected apps from Background data. Suppose Facebook is sending you notifications about likes, shares and posts etc. after every 2 minutes, then it will consume a lot of Internet data or your phone’s battery. You can manually open the app after 30 minutes to see the notifications.

So you can disable such apps so that your data as well as your battery will be saved. If you feels that some app is important for you, then you can enable it.

  • Fake Chargers


Don’t use Duplicate chargers. Use only original chargers which comes from a good brand or a third party group. You can also use OEM chargers but please don’t use fake chargers otherwise your battery may not charge properly and there can be happen a Blast!!!!! which becomes a big problem for you.

  • Hey Siri & Ok Google


If Siri and Google Assistant is available in your phone, If you close it then its a good thing otherwise if you keep these features On, then your phone mic is continuously On and it is hearing your every sound for the whole day because they have to instantly respond to your voice of OK Google and Hey Siri.

If you want this feature, then you can manually activate Siri and Google by just tapping on it otherwise it consumes your battery.

  • Motion Activated Features


If you get different types of Motion Activated features in your phone such as your phone display automatically On if you hold it and if you pass hand from it then it automatically opens etc.

Also if you are using a variety of apps for these features, then please don’t use them because they are continuously using your phone sensors which ruin your battery life.

  • Last Tip


This is the last tip so if you are not OK with all the above tips, then only one option is left that you have to purchase a new Nokia 3310 phone which was recently launched in market at a price of 3310 Rs. This phone will give you 25 days battery backup What can be the issue if you not get Whatsapp, Facebook and Selfie, here you get a strong battery life which will help you in doing emergency calls if you are in a Jungle and suddenly a Lion or Tiger comes in front of you haha!!!


So Friends, these are all tips. I hope that you liked it. If you have any suggestion, then put it in the comment box below.

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