Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as SpaceX Satellite Launch, Facebook Editing For Verified Users, YouTube Adjust Videos, New Film, e-Mosquito and Airtel Surprise Extend etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • SpaceX Again Reused Rocket!!


The first update is from SpaceX and once again they reused a Rocket to launch a Bulgarian Satellite. Here Rocket is used and again landed on the Earth. So its an amazing thing that In Future, where if you wanted to go on Mars and Moon etc. then you can go at a low cost by these rockets. If in Space Exploration these things are done, then its a good thing for us.

  • Google Home & Google Assistant


This update is from Google Home and Assistant. Now they can speak Canadian And French Languages very easily. But When it speaks in Hindi and it is also difficult because Hindi people in India is of large amount and French and Canadian are very low, so that’s why it becomes possible.

So Guys tell me in comments that if such device which can talk to you any time in Hindi, you are interested in buying that or not.

  • Indian Survey – Google Maps


This update is from Survey General of India which said that Google Maps are not too accurate and it is unimproved. As per my opinions,  Google Maps in India is accurate but it is right that it is unimproved and should be improved because if you wanted to go at some place and using Google Maps for navigation, then it will put you into a loop and you are coming again and again at the same place and also if you reach at the right place in front of it, then it shows that you have to go there.

So guys tell me in comments How much of you are using Google Maps and it will betray you or not and the condition that I said above was faced by you or not.

  • Editing Feature For Verified Users


This update is from Facebook and this is specially for the users having a blue tick mark on Facebook. It means that in next update of Facebook, now verified users can upload videos with some Intro, Editing etc.

So Facebook is doing a good work and may be Facebook is planning to do something with Ads on Facebook Videos and may be Ads can come on live videos.

  • YouTube Video Adjustments


This update is from YouTube and a new update will soon come and after that if you shoot videos in portrait mode and users saw those videos uncomfortably. So now basically in YouTube, there are many types of aspect ratios available and now it scales that how you pickup the phone and will give you the best possible immersive experience. This comes in the next update of YouTube.

  • Blood Sucking E-Mosquito 


This update is from E-Mosquito and it is basically a device and if you wear it on your hand like a smart band and below it there are some pins attached which gives you some sensation of Mosquito cutting. Actually it sucks your blood and takes a sample up to 4-5 times in a day and tell you about your blood level in body.

  • New Film For Smart Devices


This update is for a new type of innovation and here some researchers are planning to develop a new film and they done it at some extent where if you use phones, laptops and tablets in outdoors, then the reflection you get on the screens is now controlled with this new type of film, you get a very low amount of film and now a good content can be seen easily at outdoors.

  • Huawei, Oppo and Vivo


This update is for Huawei, Oppo and Vivo and update says it was predicted that the total number of shipments in 2017 can go beyond their expectations. So now it’s a tough competition for Oppo, Vivo and Huawei because their mobiles are sustainable and should be replaced after some time.

  • German Government Fine Facebook


This update is from Germany and German Govt. is planning to post a fine of 55 Million Dollars on Facebook because their instructions and warnings are not followed seriously by Facebook and hate content is not yet removed from German Facebook. If in India, this hate content spread so much and it must be cleaned for a better India.

  • Airtel Surprise Extension


This update is from a complete story of complaints between Airtel & Jio. Here Airtel started a surprise offer of 30 GB and now it was extended but now nobody complaints about it. When Jio is extending its plan, then all comes with many types of unimportant  and fake complaints. So its not a fair thing.




8 thoughts on “TECHNOLOGY NEWS 24-JUNE-2017”

    1. Actually the news is to ban hate content in German but Fb not taking it seriously. I will tell you that hate content is some terrorist and abusive content . So as per my opinions, this type of content should be removed from fb India .

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      1. OK I am just telling the truth and if you don’t want clarity I will not tell you in future and it’s my passion to clear every doubts on technology. So I display clarity because you said ‘if I am not wrong’ in comments!!!!🤔🙁. Please say clearly I am not understanding your words clearly and telling you which I understand.


    1. I already tell you that Hate content is the content which promotes violence such as terrorism. It’s effect on society as a whole is bad because violence increases through such content and it should not be implemented!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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