Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Armani Smartwatch, TESLA Crash, Indoor Mapping by Drones, Hike Payments, Apple Top Vendor, Hyderabad Wifi and OnePlus Contest etc. I hop that you would like it.

So First of All

  • Nokia Health Products


The first update is from Nokia. Now you will get Smart Health Monitoring Products under the Nokia Brand Name because Nokia covered the previous brand name of products which was Withings. Here two new items are launched out of which, one is Smart Blood Pressure Monitor and second one is Smart Body Weight Monitor means an app through which you can sync its complete data.

So if you are conscious about your health and you want these health products, then you can purchase it from outside India because it is not available in India. See when Nokia launch them in India.

  • Apple Top IT Vendor 2016


This update is a good news for Apple because Apple is the Top IT Vendor of 2016 where Apple done its complete business of 218 Billion Dollars. Whereas Samsung is on the 2nd number with 139 Billion Dollars business and Google is on the 3rd rank with a business of 90 Billion Dollars.

So its true that money makes money and Apple is having money and they are multiplying it for more money, money and money Hahaha!!!

  • Vodafone Killer Update!!!


This update is again for a Vodafone amazing killer plan. Here if you are in Delhi and if you are travelling in Easy Cabs, Mega Cabs and Meru Cabs, then Vodafone here tied up with total 500 cabs where you get Sim Dispensing Machine and after going inside it, you can upgrade your 3G sim into 4G at free of cost and also you get 4 GB of free data.

So its a good thing but chances are very low that you are travelling in those 500 cabs and you are having a 3G sim which is of Vodafone and you have to upgrade it. Hence it is a free process, then we can do it.

  • Hyderabad City Wifi


This update is from Hyderabad and here the Hyderabad City Wifi Project is launched and a total of 1000 Wifi’s are already setup in different areas of Hyderabad. Since the project is to setup a total of 3000 Wifi’s, so 2000 more are left to setup. Here speed guarantee given is nearly 5-10 Mbps and starting 30 minutes session is completely free of cost.

So if you are in Hyderabad and you want Wifi, then you can use it when it will be completely unveiled the Hyderabad Complete City Wifi.

  • Hike Payments


This update is for Hike Users in the form of a good news. I tell you that Whatsapp is already planning that How they implement Wallet in India through UPI integration and How they do it. But here Hike firstly hikes it and makes a six. So In Hike 5.0, you get a wallet feature and here you can send money through UPI and many more features are available in it.

So if you are a Hike user or if you like an Indian app, then you can use it and here you get all types of features.

  • OnePlus 5 Contest On Amazon


This update is a good offer for you where you can win OnePlus 5. Here Amazon launched in India its Secret Door Contest and if you participate in it, then there are chances that you get lucky and randomly you can win OnePlus 5. Also there are some more prizes available in this contest, so go for it and it is quite easy if you want.

So See which new thing comes with the launch of OnePlus 5 on 22 June.

  • TESLA Crash Update


This update is for a crash of Tesla Car which was happened previous year and the car is on Auto Pilot mode. A report comes said that the complete mistake is of the driver and car gives an alert many times to the driver that please hold the steering but driver is not hearing it, thats why this complete crash happened. Also the complete road speed limit is 65 miles/hour and the speed of this car is 74 miles/hour at the time of accident. So Tesla clearly said that it was not their mistake but it was the complete mistake of driver who is not concentrating on the car and completely depend on the Auto Pilot.

But I will tell you that you have to see your car after regular intervals that it is working correct or not and some warning is there or not. Please note that something you have to done it yourself with auto pilot.

  • JDI ‘6’ Display


This update is from a Japan Display. Here a new type of screen is developed whose screen size is 6 inches and aspect ratio is of 80:9 which is same as that of LG G6. The complete resolution of this display is 1080*2160 and reports said that, this screen can be seen in upcoming Sony phones.

  • Indoor Mapping From Outside


This update is from an amazing research. Here researchers used two drones for Indoor Mapping basically, they can map it from outside by flying and they can detect in the House where is the wall and What is the structure inside it. Here two drones are used which are flying in parallel combination.

One is used to send wireless signals and second one receiving signals from opposite side. On the basis of How much signal is received or not which helps in complete mapping. You can map any building from outside using this new technique from researchers.

  • Armani Android Wear Smartwatch


You know that many designer companies are coming out in the field of Android watches. Now here Armani comes out with a smartwatch where you get the support of Android wear 2.0. It will  launch on September and its price is nearly about 300-400 Dollars. So see when it comes exactly in market.


  • Apple 1 For 3,55,000 $


This update is from a computer of Apple whose name is Apple 1. Now this computer is auctioned for 3,55,000 Dollars which is a too large amount for such a computer. Hence it was made in 1976 and it is in working condition. This auction amount is actually for the brand name which is Apple and also a very old and unique computer it is unless they don’t buy it to play games.





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