Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as Vodafone Killer Plan, F-16 Make In India, App for Alert!!!, Delivery Robots, Lithium Sulphur Batteries, YouTube Clean Up and VR Update etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • Vodafone Killer Plan


The first update is from Vodafone and they launched an amazing plan in India. Here if you pay 29 Rs, then for one night between 1:00 AM to 6:00 AM nearly for 5 hours, you get unlimited data. So nearly at Rs 6/hour it costs but we don’t know in which life Vodafone is living or sleeping and not wanted to wake up. We already know that Jio is giving monthly data at Rs 300 and here for 29 Rs is only for 5 hours limit which is also at night.

So tell me in comments, that you are interested in such offers and pay Rs 29 daily instead of Jio.

  • uberPASS In India


Uber launched its uberPASS in India. You already get Ola sharePASS and this is something similar to it. uberPASS now comes in only 4 cities which are Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Here you have to pay rates which are less than standard rates of uberGO and uberX.

Also you have to pay monthly fees for this and the rates not comes out. So see at which price Uber gives monthly passes to its users.

  • Varjo VR 20/20


This update is for an amazing VR Technology where you get 70 Mega Pixel resolution for your each eye. If we compare it with current HTC Vibe or Oculus Rift, then you get only 1.2 Mega Pixel resolution for each eye. 70 Mega Pixel means a clear crystal VR should be developed.

So see when it comes in market and What is the price of it because it is an amazing technology. Now In VR, you can enjoy life like content and now you don’t have to worry about the dot pixels.

  • Mi Power Bank 2, Mi Wifi Repeater 2 In India


This update is from Xiaomi and they launched in India some new products which are Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2, a small Xiaomi Wifi Repeater and a small Xiaomi Speaker. Here Xiaomi new powerbank supports fast charging but it seems funny that no phone of Xiaomi supports fast charging except mi 5. These products started selling in India on

  • YouTube Clean Up


This update is from YouTube. You know that In YouTube, so may types of hate content is spread on YouTube India Trending Section such as hate speeches or some terrorist content etc. So now YouTube started cleaning such videos from YouTube for its viewers. Now Viewers can see clean YouTube.

In India, if they do it fast, then it will be a good thing otherwise YouTube started it globally.

  • Li-Sulphur Batteries


The next update is for your batteries. Till today, you all know that we are using common Lithium ion batteries but here we can now use Lithium Sulphur ion batteries where cost is decreased because Sulphur cost is quite less. Also battery charge density is more means In small size you get more power.

One problem is associated with it that Sulphur dissolves very fast in solution. So scientists researched and find a sea weed and some part of it if we put into battery, then Sulphur not dissolves fastly and it increases battery life. So its a good thing and may be in future, we can get this lithium Sulphur battery in place of lithium alone.

  • YotaPhone 3 is coming!!!


This update is from YotaPhone 3 amd if you know that YotaPhone is a phone where you get two displays, one is at the front which is normal and another is at the back which is of A-ink. These two versions named YotaPhone 1 and YotaPhone 2 comes many years ago and not sells because its price is too high. Now YotaPhone 3 is confirmed by the company from Russia and its price starts from 350 $ nearly 22000-23000 Rs.

See when exactly this phone comes out in market and here is some mid range, high range and mix range phones.

  • Drones For Drugs and Porn


This update is from Drones and a report comes from US that in US prisons, drones are used 12 times in previous 5 years for the illegal delivery of drugs which are not medicinal drugs but in the form of porn content packages. In Jail, they just deliver it and goes out. So it becomes a problem for the US prisons means today everybody is having a drone like toy and fly it anywhere and deliver such products.

  • App For Alert!!!


This update is for an interesting app developed by scientists by which if you are driving and just on your front, you put a front camera, after that if you feel some sleepy, then this app knows by just looking at your facial expressions and start a very loud alarm. Then you can close it by just speaking to it or by just doing it manually.

It is an interesting thing if you feel some sleepy, then this app becomes very useful and it saves you from accidents or tell you, just stop the car and go at a side and sleep.

  • F-16 Make In India


This update is from the F-16 Fighter Aircraft and now this would make in India soon. A collaboration is done between TATA and Lockheed Martin who is basically a contractor for Arms which supply products to Army. So now here F-16 Aircraft will be made in India by which more jobs are created.

This Make in India concept is very useful means product is from somewhere else but it makes in India and it will be beneficial for us. In India, factories are setup and jobs are given and India is becoming a manufacturing hub. This company is actually of US which collaborates with TATA.

  • Delivery Robots


This update is from Delivery Robots and In China, started a smart merchandise which consists of some robots which can carry from 5 to 10 packets or can go out for delivery, deliver the product and comes back automatically. It is just like a self driving car that you get such robots that are doing products delivery. So its an amazing thing.





36 thoughts on “TECHNOLOGY NEWS 18,19-JUNE-2017”

  1. The app for alert, I think some cars have that feature wherein the car automatically parks itself when the driver falls asleep while driving. I’m not sure, I’ve just heard it from someone. Besides, my friends did a similar project in our final year of engineering.

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      1. So Vinay, here is the feature and I hope that you will understand it properly.
        Intelligent Parking Assist System (IPAS). This feature uses the computer processors in a car which are tied to vehicle Sonar warning system, backup camera and two additional forward sensors. All the sensors attached to the front and rear side detect the obstacles and then send this information to the backup camera and this camera generates a picture from this data and the processor measure angles from this picture and use that angles to park properly in parallel way. If you wanted to know more about this then you can search it on Google.

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