World Wide Developers Conference 2017 Updates


iMac Pro, New iMac and MacBook Upgrades From Apple

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Friends, If you are having an interest in Apple Mac Line Up or if you are planning to purchase a new Mac, then stay with me in this post. I will tell you about some improvements from Apple in their Mac Line Up.

Frankly Speaking that I am not using any type of Mac, but I will tell you the best about some major updates in Mac Line Up.

Apple improved its complete Mac Line Up such as MacBook Air ( a small improvement ), MacBook Or MacBook Pro, iMac and infact a new iMac introduced named iMac Pro.

So First of All

  • MacBook Air


In MacBook Air, improvements are very simple and nothing much changed  but some frequency of the processor which you get is increased and no other change you will get there.

  • MacBook And MacBook Pro


Next I will talk about some MacBooks such as Normal MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Now you get Intel 7th Generation Kaby Lake Processors or up to 50% speeds of Hard Drives are improved. Specifically, the improvement is from MacBook Pro 15 Inch Version where you get improved Standard Graphics Card and you get AMD RX 455 in place of AMD RX 450. In 17 Inch Version, you get AMD RX 460 in place of AMD RX 455. Otherwise, no more improvement can be seen.

Strong rumors coming that RAM would be increased from 16 GB to 32 GB, but unfortunately no such update comes. One more basic thing, that here 13 Inch MacBook Pro Version price is slightly decreased. So only these are some updates in MacBooks.

  • Apple Mac Line Up


Now you get Mac Line Up in that, first of all processors in all models are of Intel 7th Generation Kaby Lake and RAM is also doubled where In 21.5 Inch Version, it increases from 16 GB to 32 GB or In 27 Inch Version, it increases from 32 GB to 64 GB. Also now you get SSDs that are 50% faster or infact we can use upto 2 TB of Hard Drives. Apple fusion drive that you get is completely Standard on all MacBook Line Up.

You get Thunder Bolt ports at the back side which are USB Type C or GPU is increased. The price is slightly increased if we talk about 21.5 Inch 4K Version iMac.

  • iMac Pro


This computer is basically a replacement of Mac Pro because Apple had not upgraded Mac Pro and made a super powerful iMac Pro. This is an amazing Mac computer so see when it comes in paper and it may come with the highest price. This comes in market may be at the end of this year or In India, it will come next year.

As per the specifications of iMac Pro. Here you get upto 18 Core Intel Neon Processor but its not same in all models, you can get upto 8 core or upto 10 core and if you go to top, then you can choose the 18 Core processor. Highest RAM given here is upto 128 GB ECC Memory and 4 TB of storage having a speed of 3 GB/s . Also you get 10 GB of Ethernet Speeds and you get 3 Thunderbolt ports which are USB Type C. The Amazing thing here you get is the support of Radeon Vega Graphics which is basically useful for 3D designs. Its price starts from $ 4999 which is a base model and if you go up to the highest model, then price is so high.

These are all updates which comes from Mac Line Up. I Hope that you would like it.

So friends, In Upcoming posts I will tell you in detail about iPad Pro and Apple Homepad. So stay tuned.

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