Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as YouTube VR Heatmap, Micromax Bharat Sales, Vivo Optical Fingerprint, Xavier Malware, Amazon Patent, Radiation Capture, Fast Memory etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of All

  • Xavier Malware In 800 Apps


The First update is from a Malware in Android Apps. You all know that, its a big issue that a large number of apps are affected on Playstore and now one more malware named Xavier comes out and here reports said that nearly 800 apps are already affected. Those users using such apps, this malware automatically download malicious content in their phone. So for once if you become a victim of this malware, then you will keep becoming victim in future.

You tell me in comments that you are using any app which is not coming from a popular developer means some small utilities that if you zig zag your phone, then torch light will on/off and basically some tips and tricks apps.

  • 1000 Moderator’s Info Get Leaked


This update is from Facebook. Facebook by mistake leaked its 1000 moderator’s profile data through a Facebook bug. Moderator’s are the workers of Facebook which keeps an eye on Facebook pages about some terrorist activity and hate content. The details leaked goes to such groups that uses such type of hate content.

The Facebook already started using Artificial Intelligence where Human interventions are very low but now the Facebook workers whose data got leaked are feared that their details become public. Facebook accepted this mistake and now providing security to its workers.

  • Detecting Radiation From Distance


This update is for the Capture of Radiations. Different types of devices are used to detect the hazardous radiations so that they can be detected by a distance without having to go near its range. So here Geiger Counter is used but now after a new research, a device is made by scientists of Japan by which you can detect very small radiations and its actual quantity at a very far distance.

So, its a good thing, you know that in Japan, effect of radiation can be seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and they are not telling us but it is available at a very large amount. In Future, our Health is also not affected because now we can detect radiation from a very large distance.

  • Atari Console


This update is for all you game lovers. Its a good news because Atari confirmed a new console that will soon come in market. If you just remind that in 80-90’s Intendo by Atari is used but now it comes again and let’s see when it comes and at which price ?

  • VR Heatmap in YouTube


This update is from YouTube. It will now show you Heatmap. So if you are shooting 360 degree videos and viewers are focusing on which part of video, this VR Heatmap will now tell you that which part seems interesting and which one is not to your viewers. So in future, YouTubers can improve their videos.

  • Amazon Patent To Prevent Shopping


Amazon got a new patent with that now if you do online shopping on the Amazon’s Go Stores by using the store’s Wifi, then it will not allow you to do it. Suppose if you go to Amazon Store and wanted to do some price comparison of products similar to that you are buying it from Store, then Amazon will block other shopping portals on your phone because now they get patent for this.

In future, Amazon does not want that some customer comes and don’t buy their products and do some online shopping from some where else from its phone. This is possible only when you are using store’s wifi , there are no restrictions on your mobile data.

  • Vivo Beating Apple


A shocking update comes from Vivo that may be they can beat Apple. Here Vivo may plan to use optical fingerprint scanners on screen in its upcoming devices. Samsung may also plan something like this in its note 8 and Strong rumors coming that iPhone 8 can come with such a feature. So let’s see the first company that comes with such a technology that you get a fingerprint scanner optically on your screen.

  • Memory as Fast as RAM


This update is for an interesting research that you get storage which you use normally in your hard drives such as your SSD or your hard drive, then transfer speed you will get similar to the RAM speed which you are using. After this In future, you will get an amazing speed in your devices.

  • Micromax Bharat 2


Micromax claims that this phone In nearly 50 days, 5 lakh devices got sold in India and it becomes India’s Largest Selling 4G VoLTE Phone. The price of this phone is 3500 Rs and it comes with a 2 Mega Pixel Rear camera and 0.3 Mega Pixel Front camera, 1300 Mah battery and 512 MB RAM.

They think that they done an amazing work by just making a copy phone and they don’t know that Redmi 4 sold nearly 2.5 Lakh devices in its first sale.

So These are Some Interesting Tech Updates.

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