Hello Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News such as YouTube Down, NASA Aliens, Microsoft Smart Keyboard, HTC U11, Microsoft Pix Prisma, Human like Robots, Samsung Note 8 etc. I hope that you would like it.

So First of all

  • NASA Looking For Aliens


The first update is from NASA. Here James Web Telescope is used by NASA to discover Alien Life. You tell me that some Aliens would exist far away from our Earth which we are finding or they finding us. But here research is going on by scientists that some far away from our planet Earth, life would exist.

Tell me in comments, that you believe on Aliens or not.

  • YouTube Was Down


This update is from YouTube. Here reports said that the YouTube was a little down on Friday morning. Hence you may notice the YouTube off down or may not at all. But it was noticed in some regions because some servers upgrading is done by YouTube.

So You can now imagine that for just a little time nearly for 2 minutes, In Today’s generation YouTube is so popular that we think Why it goes down for some time.

  • Microsoft Smart Keyboard


This update is from Microsoft. They launched a keyboard in which you get a finger print scanner and it is a wireless keyboard. Its design and build quality is amazing. Here you get an embedded finger print scanner in the left windows key so its an amazing concept that you get a finger print scanner like this.

Price of this smart keyboard is nearly 8500 Rs which seems quite costly but it is quite less than Apple Keyboard which also not having a finger print scanner.

  • Microsoft Pix = Prisma


This update is also from Microsoft. Here In Pix Camera Application where you can edit your photos here now you get a Prisma filter option by which you can decorate your picture in an artistic way. So if you are using iPhone, then you can now use it.

  • Human Like Robots


This update is from a study which teaches Robots that How they can behave like humans in certain conditions. A machine is a machine, a robot is a robot but here if we talk about emotions, then if human is happy, sad or smiling etc robot also behave like that.

It becomes possible if we teach it to robot, that in certain conditions which thoughts or emotions they have to display, then its a step forward to Artificial Intelligence means Humans becomes equal to Robots.

  • Twitter Distributing Umbrella’s For Rains


This update is from Twitter. You may have seen that Twitter is redesigned and Twitter App and Website interface is changed completely. Now Twitter unveil a new umbrella to the emojis.

If there is a rain weather, then you can use this umbrella by tweeting in the form of emoji and also you can gift this umbrella to your friend on Twitter.

  • HTC U11 For 51,990 Rs


HTC U11, the flagship phone of HTC launched in India at a price of Rs 51,990. As per my opinions, I am not able to understand HTC thinking means HTC U Ultra was launched previously  at a price of Rs 60,000 which is not having a good hardware.

But here HTC launched its flagship phone at a lower price of 52,000 and after 2 months which also decreased means HTC is not maintaining a fixed price.

  • Samsung Note 8


This update is from Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The device is leaked and its code comes as great and its spelling is ‘Gr3at’. It is captured while testing Android 7.11 and here reports said that this phone comes with Android O but testing is going on Nougat and phone will soon launched by Samsung.




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