• Google Play Android Excellence Apps


The first update is from Google Play. Now you get cool android apps that is given to you under new editor choice section named Android Excellence. Here Google will display those apps which are excellent in terms of Google and follow all their policies.

These are some popular or cool apps and if you want these new apps, then you can go under Android Excellence section and install them.

  • OnePlus 5 Registrations


This update is from OnePlus 5. The phone is not yet launched in India but In China, its Pre Registrations started already on Chinese Website Here 1,12,000 users already shows their interest in this phone. Now one thing is confirmed about this phone that you get 8 GB or 6 GB RAM variants, a dual camera, Snapdragon 835 Processor, 3300 Mah battery and 5.5 Inches Full HD Screen.

Now See In India at which price, it comes out and it will boom the market or not.

  • Blackberry With VoxSmart


This update is from Blackberry. They had tied up with a company named VoxSmart. Now they monitor Whatsapp chats, Vchat chats and they provide their services to different Enterprises. So Blackberry phone is going Zig-Zag in Market.

TCL is doing all the work in the name of Blackberry and Blackberry is indulged in the solutions of their phones. See When this Company Revives or Not ?

  • Jupiter is The Oldest Planet


This update is for the Biggest Planet of our Solar System, Jupiter. Here a new evidence comes that tells Jupiter is not only the Biggest but also the Oldest Planet of our Solar System. This means, Jupiter is the first planet that formed after Sun.

Tell me in comments, that you will have some change when you heard about this update that Jupiter, Earth or Moon Which one is Oldest? If Yes, then Why?

  • McDonalds Via SnapChat



This update is from McDonalds. Now in US, a new type of hiring process for Jobs is running by McDonalds where Snapchat is used and given a name Snaplication. Here new talent hire process is used because all new applicants are between 16-24 years old. For this process, the Snapchat is popular So McDonalds through Snapchat Would ask some interview questions.

You tell me in comments, You are OK to answer this type of interview at your home in front of an employee for e.g. Through Whatsapp calling etc.

  • Google Hiring Manu Gulati


Google is hiring ‘Manu Gulati’ who was recently worked as an Apple Chips Architecture for 8 years. But Now he comes in Google and planning to made some custom chips in their pixel phones. Firstly their designing is done and then they work on it. See what interesting Manu do after coming in Google.

  • Delhi Baoli Gone Digital


This update is from Delhi Baoli. Here in Delhi, a large number of Baolis are there with ladders but may be some people don’t know about it and some people don’t understand it. Some are leaving empty and nobody goes there and thats why no maintenance is done there.

But Now Google digitized them means here you get some 360 Degree photos if you go on Google Arts and Cultural Website or Install its app, then you can understand about it proper history.

  • Microsoft Patching windows XP


Microsoft is pushing one more patch for Windows XP because if some malware like Wannacry comes, then in advance Microsoft is planning to secure their system. So now if some users don’t install this patch, then its a wrong thing. So if you are using Windows XP, then download all the latest updates of softwares and windows otherwise you will become a wannacry like malware victim and all your files get locked.

  • Qualcomm New Chips For Sound Devices


Qualcomm unveiled its new chips which is used in smart speakers or USB Type C Earphones. So In Future, if you buy a smart speaker or Earphones, then chances are there that you get a Qualcomm chips in those smart devices. Qualcomm also promise that You will get a better Sound quality, good signal and better voice ratio or you will get a clean audio.

  • GSAT-17 Going Great !!!!

Deploiement deflecteur 2

GSAT-17 satellite which will be scheduled to launch on 28 June. Its tests are running and it is working first class and antennas or solar panels are also working first class. It will launch on 28th June and it will become a milestone for India to achieve at a higher level position globally.





3 thoughts on “TECHNOLOGY NEWS 14-JUNE-2017”

  1. Some really interesting news and facts. Hiring via snapchat, Jupiter being the oldest planet and the 360.view of Baoli. Great job! 😇

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