• Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 Launched


The first update is from Nokia. Nokia launched its Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 in India and they skipped 4 in between. The price of Nokia 3 is 9,499 Rs, Nokia 5 is 12,899 Rs and Nokia 6 is 14,999 Rs. Some stocks of these phones become available this month and some other in the next month.

See when Nokia come up with its flagship phone of 2017. Out of these phones, Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 are available in offline market and Nokia 6 is exclusively available on Amazon from 14 June 2017. You can see the specifications of Nokia 6 on Amazon.

  • OnePlus 5 Events in India


This update is from Oneplus. Here Oneplus plans to organize its pop up events in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. You can go there and experience the Oneplus 5 phone.

Some limited stocks are also available there so if you wanted to purchase it, then you can purchase it otherwise it will be available on Amazon after 24 June after 4:30 PM.

  • Apple Self Driving Cars


This update is from Apple. Here Mr Tim Cook admitted that they are working on Self Driving Cars because a large amount of leaks are coming that Apple is doing Something with Self Driving Cars. When they made it ? How they made it ? How much it cost ? What is the design ?

But Tim here finally said that they are working on autonomous driving techniques means that cars which can run itself, stop itself, self indicating and self turning. Now see When this Self Driving Car from Apple comes in market.

  • Google Keyboard Update


This update is from Google G Board Keyboard. If you are using it then now you can type emojis based on your hand writing. After that Google suggest you that which emoji  is useful for you. For Example- if you made a smiley face and related to that all emojis suggestions are made available at the top.

  • Apple Get 68 Patents Today


This update is from Apple. Here Apple get 68 patents today. Out of these patents, one comes out with an interesting fact where you can get fingerprint scanner in the power button of your phone.

Its real that Apple can fit fingerprint scanner in power button optically in its upcoming iPhone. Or may be Apple is not doing it optically or they can’t put fingerprint scanner at the back with a round shape.

  • Qualcomm With TSMC


This update is from Qualcomm. Now they are not using its 7 Nano Meter based technology in its upcoming chips with Samsung. They ends up with Samsung and start working with TSMC ( Taiwan Semi conductor Manufacturing Company ). TSMC already made A10 and making A11 with Apple and now it makes Snapdragon 845 with Qualcomm. So Qualcomm exits Samsung from its dee.

  • Google Self Driving Car is Dead


This update is from Google Self Driving Techniques. Here the smallest car of two doors is kept aside by Waymo and now they concentrating on the car from Chrysler which can be used practically, Otherwise the smallest firefly car by Google may not be purchased by anyone but a proper kind of VAN type SUV can be bought by peoples which they can trust and sit comfortably.

  • HTC U11 Launch


This update is from HTC U11 Launch in India. Here the launch date of this phone is confirmed on friday. You can use this phone by squeezing on its outer sides. Now see at what price it comes in India or What amazing HTC done with this phone otherwise if it is like the HTC Ultra, then you know that it not sells.





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