• Invisible reCAPTCHA on Android


The first update is from Google in Android Phones for its Invisible reCAPTCHA Support. It means that if you signup on any website or a service, then you get a column at the bottom of the page showing “I am not a robot” or you have to just tick mark it.

But now you don’t do anything or don’t need to type those zig zag letters because now websites itself knows that you are a robot, a person, real or fake. After that all work is done automatically. After this update may be your time saves.

  • Museum of Failure


This update is for an amazing museum where you get products which fails in their life. The products involved here is Google Glass which was not made completely right ever and nobody bought it so Google discontinued it. The next product is from Apple named Apple Newton which is basically a product like Notepad and it also fails because only some pieces was sell and then it closed.

The next one is from Nokia named Nokia N-Gage which is basically a mobile phone specially for gaming and it fails because games are not available for it when this product comes out. So these things get involved in this Museum of Failure.

  • Alibaba Data Center in India


This update is from Alibaba Group which is now opening its Data Center in India. This data center will soon started in Mumbai and here it provides Alibaba cloud Services. These data centers are already available in US, UAE, Japan, Hongkong and China. So after coming in India, they provide data services more better said by the Alibaba Enterprises.

Tell me in comments if you are using any cloud services, if yes then tell which one is that and How much you pay for it.

  • Whatsapp Ending on 30th June


This update is from Whatsapp. Now Whatsapp is giving warning to its users that are using whatsapp on Nokia Symbian (340 or 360) and Blackberry 10 devices. So if you are having a blackberry 10 phone, then upgrade your phone because you don’t able to use Whatsapp after 30th June.

This is previously done to be completed by December 2016 but now its deadline is increased to 30th June, after that you are not able to use whatsapp on these phones.

  • Google Day Dream VR Headset in India


Google Daydream VR headset is now launched in India. You can buy it from Flipkart at a price of Rs 6499. Before you buy it, I will tell you that it supports only Google Pixel or Pixel XL , Motorola Z or Moto G. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ also soon get the support of these daydream headsets.

So these headsets are not for all users. So if you are fond of these headsets and wanted it and having the above listed phones, then you can purchase it. The price is too high because it is made by Google unless it is only having a normal controller.

  • Xbox One X for 499 $


This update is for the players and it seems to be an amazing news for them. Here a new version of Xbox, Xbox One X comes out from Microsoft. This is an amazing console and more powerful than Playstation 4 or 4S and Xbox One. It comes with a price of 499 Dollars which is nearly 32,000-33,000 Rs. In this Xbox , you will get an amazing GPU and CPU combo or you can play games in 4K at 60 Fps.

When it comes in India, I don’t know. See when It comes in India and comes or not.

  • Cyber Attacks On Indian companies


Research said that Indian Companies are having a good hardware but software is really sometimes duplicate. Then its possible that Cyber Attacks can be done very easily. Here nearly 60% of the software used are unregulated.

Here unregulated means using without permission or software that is more vulnerable to attacks and software that is not original its pirated. So a risk is there for Indian Companies and malwares or wannacry can come on it.

  • Huawei Tested 6 Gbps 5G in China


Huawei tested 6 Gbps ( Giga Bits Per Second ) Download Speeds in China. This test is to start 5G in China. In India see when it comes in India. So just think of 6 Gbps or just imagine it. Here we can get 100 Mbps real speeds.

  • Microsoft New Device

10This update is for an amazingly designed device which comes from Microsoft. A leak comes that a patent is filed by Microsoft that seems to be like a tablet. This device if closed, then it becomes a phone and if opened becomes a tablet like device. Here you can get windows OS in it.

  • PayTM Pre GST Sale


This update is for PayTM sale. Just like when PS4 comes PS3 sells very fast, then now PayTM comes with a huge Pre GST sale where you get discounts on electronic devices. So if you want to buy something before July GST, then you can buy it from this pre GST sale.






11 thoughts on “TECHNOLOGY NEWS 11,12-JUNE-2017”

  1. Cool updates in the IT field! But I’m skeptical over something, wasn’t it Samsung who patented “fold to use as a mobile and open as a tablet”?

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