• New Form of Carbon


This update is for an amazing discovery. Here Researchers discovered a different form of carbon which is very strong, hard and elastic or it can conduct electricity. It is named as glassy carbon. Carbon is a material which is available in a variety of different forms such as graphite, diamond or even graphene.

Now this form of carbon will work in different areas such as here if we talk about Aerospace or in different industrial applications, this glassy carbon will surely show their importance.

  • NASA’s Atlantic Mission


NASA started a mission which goes in the deep of the Atlantic Ocean where they are sending a team of 4 crew members. After going there, they feel like they are on Mars means living in a limited space with the lack of oxygen. So How they feel there in this 10 days mission because we should have to go to Mars Today or Tomorrow ?.

So before going there, all arrangements should be done carefully. So after completing this mission, NASA moves a step forward on Mars.



ISRO is planning to increase the amount of satellites from 7 to 11 in their IRNSS Navigation System named NAVIC. Here an atomic clock of a satellite is stopped working now. So replacement of this clock would be done at the end of this year. All the remaining satellite clocks are working fine. So now we saw our India’s Own Military System Satellite.

In future, we no longer need to depend on GPS System because we have our own fresh Navigation System.

  • Self Replicating 3D Printer


This update is for an amazing 3D Printer which can self replicate itself. It means that a 3D Printer is printing products and these products are again 3D Printers. So if you have a self replicating printer than you can print more 3D printers as many as you want.

In future, this printer will be used on Moon to print various products. So buy a printer and gift them to your friends by printing printers.

  • Pokemon Go Crossed 750 Million Downloads


This update is from Pokemon Go game which was launched on July 2016. Now here this game crossed 750 Million downloads. So its an amazing thing. Hence last year within two months,  it crossed 500 Million downloads but now it reaches to 750 Million. One month left for its 1 year, so see what interesting upgrades comes from this game.

  • Apple Shoes


This update is for the Apple shoes which was designed by Apple many years ago. You don’t believe that the price of these shoes is  nearly 10 Lakh Rs. These shoes don’t comes in market because they are designed for the employees of the company. This is basically a prototype of the shoes which now going for auction at a price of 15,000 $.

Apple Logo can be seen on this shoes. So this is only a single piece which is rare so auction amount can be increased.

  • Self Navigating Ships


We have seen Self Driving Cars, Trucks and even Aeroplanes but now Self Navigating Ships can be seen. Here Japan plans to convert this into reality. So its an amazing thing, that you release a ship from one port and it automatically reaches another port. So you don’t need to put a heavy crew there, automatically ship completes its navigation.

An interesting concept, as compared to earth water is safe but difficult because its not easy to navigate in water. So see How these ships convert into reality.

  • Tor 7.0 is Out


If you don’t want to be tracked from someone on Internet. Then you can use this Tor browser whose new version 7.0 is now available to download. This browser hides your surfing track from someone else.

So its an interesting thing but don’t do illegal work on it. Only use it for normal surfing, then its a good thing.

  • iMAC is Upgradable


This update is from a company IFIXIT which works on tear up of electronics. Here they said that now you can upgrade RAM of your mac yourself or even you can upgrade its processor.

Now if you become successful in opening an iMAC because it is difficult, then you can add extra RAM or Processor based on your needs.

  • CRPF To Track Vehicles and Ammu


This update is from CRPF, a leading militant ammunitions and vehicles organization. Now they work with a technology with their vehicles and weapons which are theft , can now be disabled or be located. Here GPS System or RFD techniques and biometrics are used.

Suppose somebody thieves a weapon , so atleast the person who theft that weapon will not able to use that weapon without proper authentication such as finger print scanning etc. They can also locate it afterwards.




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