• iMCO Smartwatch


First update is for an interesting smartwatch which gives you the support of Amazon Alexa and it is the world’s first Alexa smartwatch. Now you can talk with Alexa directly with this smartwatch. Its available in India online at

It was already launched internationally. The name of this smartwatch is iMCO and its price in India is Rs 13,900. So I personally don’t recommend this watch because it does not support Android Wear.

  • Intel Warns Microsoft & Qualcomm


Intel already gives warning to Microsoft and Qualcomm because you know that they both are planning on How they run windows apps on arm based processors with Qualcomm processors on the machines. But here Intel tells that the patent is on our sides.

Intel said that they already taken in work the complete x86 platform or framework and this is our system, so if you emulate it, then you are doing wrong. So they warn that they can sue them afterwards.

  • Airtel Vs Jio


A bad news for Airtel because recently Airtel filed a complaint against Jio in CCI said that Jio is doing cheating, Jio is not doing right competition or Jio is giving free and cheap plans.

Now here CCI said to Airtel that you should go home because there is nothing wrong about Jio. They also said that If you want, then you can do anything like Jio. So your appeal is now closed.

  • NASA Mars Rover


NASA basically unveiled an amazing Rover. NASA planned to land this Rover on Mars till 2020. It is an amazing vehicle in looks and In future if it seen in a batman movie, then its also amazing.

NASA also plans that till 2030, some persons would be able to reach Mars. So see What amazing this Rover does after reaching Mars.

  • UP Government & Twitter


Now Twitter is used perfectly with UP Government. They are making some plans after that Normal Citizens can tweet about their problems. So different departments making their twitter accounts. After that attractive communication between citizens and Govt. can be possible.

Its a good thing or if it is implemented successfully, then in any state, city or a complete country, this can be a good medium for communication where Normal Citizens can post about their problem with the help of Twitter and Whatsapp.

  • Internet Users in India


This update is for the Internet Users reports in India. Here Syska said that till 2021, In India nearly 829 Million users can be seen which is about 2.9 crores. So people attached to Internet to get services. That should be from a basic mobile phone, computer/ laptops or some smart device.

  • Digi Yatra


A new initiative named Digi Yatra is launched in India. Now through this program suppose you have an Adhaar Card, Passport or Pan Card, then from these cards from which you can be uniquely identified. So in Airlines, your details can be linked to PNR. After that If you travel somewhere, then you should not required to join any lines and no paperwork is required.

Simply you should have to clear the security check and do flight board. so at the time of boarding, you should have to do only biometric identification such as fingerprint or Iris scanner etc. Hence its not mandatory, if you want traditionally, you can also use it. So after this update traffic decreases on Airports.

  • Facebook Cam Tracking


Facebook done an amazing technology patent which means users now tracked through facebook by web cameras. Suppose if you are using facebook on your laptop or even you are using facebook on your mobile phone. Now while using facebook it tracks How are your expressions changing on seeing different posts. So facebook soon announce this feature and take it in work.

  • Nokia Cutting 170 Jobs in Finland

A Nokia logo is seen at the company's headquarters in Espoo

Nokia soon cutting 170 jobs in their Finland based operations. Here Nokia is planning to do various cost cutting process globally of nearly 1.2 Billion Euros.

  • Buy Instagram Likes and Followers


Here in Russia, you can see vending machines where you can buy your Instagram likes and followers. You can also print your Instagram photos. Now its an amazing thing that give 10 Rs and get 10 likes on your photos.

If it comes in India, then peoples makes lines to get likes on their Facebook accounts.





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