• Microsoft Face Swap


This update is from Microsoft. Here Microsoft launched its new app named Face Swap with the help of which if you wanted to swap your face into any celebrity picture, then you have a variety of different options. You can directly search celebrity image on Bing search option available in this app. For example- If you wanted to swap your face with an astronaut or Tom Cruise body, then you can easily swap your face to them.

Hence this app is not available in India. Its available in selected countries but it soon comes in India. If you wanted to use it in India, then you can download its Apk directly from your web browser. The interesting thing is that Artificial Intelligence is used in this app with the help of which your face can blend naturally in it.

  • Bixby Now Available with Bank Support


This update is from Samsung & Bixby. You know that Bixby’s voice feature is only available in Korea. Now in Korea, it can be taken for work in Banking Facilities. For example you just said to Bixby, Transfer balance to bank or any type of bank work then it authenticate your fingerprint or Iris and then it works.

An interesting  thing is that Now Samsung Browser is available in Google Pixel Or Nexus Smartphones.

  • IBM 5nm Nanosheet Chips


This update is for an interesting technology. It comes from IBM where 5nm processor is taken in work or here 30 Billion transistors fitted in a small chip. Now if you think 30 Billion is how much, they are 3000 Crore. Here our standard Finfet technologies is not used. A nanosheet process is developed and its size is decreased. In future, it soon comes in market.

  • Google Photos Suggestions


This update is For Google photos. Now Google Photos suggest that Photos that you recently clicked or you don’t use it frequently. For example- some screenshots or some type of bill photos, then you can archive it. Then it not comes in your normal albums. This is a complete AI system by which you don’t do anything just tap yes/no.

  • GSLV Mk-III Launched GSAT-19


This update is an interesting thing that ISRO finally successfully launched GSLV Mk-III rocket that carries GSAT-19 satellite with it. Total weight of satellite is 3136 Kg hence Total rocket weight capacity is 4 Tons. Now in future, we can gradually improve it. ISRO had done amazing things in the last previous years. Till now every day every month something new from ISRO can be seen.

  • Jio On Top!!! Airtel Last


This update is form Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Here TRAI reports  said that Jio becomes our India’s fastest network. From the month of february, Jio is running on top. Now in May data Jio is on top in download speeds then comes Idea, Vodafone and at last Airtel. Upload speed data shows that Idea is on Top then Vodafone, Jio and at last Airtel.

  • 14 Years Arrested In Japan


In Japan, a 14 year old child is arrested because he is making ransomware and spreading it. He is basically using a free encryption tool, after that an attack is done then files are encrypted. To unlock that data, a key is required. He is not doing this at a big scale such as wannacry ransomware, but in small scale. He wants to earn a small amount of black money.

Youngsters coming in Ethical hacking do only that but if they become black hat hackers, then its a wrong thing.

  • Instant Charging Electric Vehicles


This update is for a research, after that in future you can instantly charge the batteries of your electric vehicle. Now the time taken to fulfil the fuel in your vehicles, only that much time is taken to charge the electric vehicles completely by going on charging spots. This technology is now in development but it seems helpful in future.

  • Apple Website Down


This update is from Apple Online Store or Website which goes down for some time. This down is due to its WWDC 2017 program. Here in WWDC 2017, new macs and new iPads can come. See How and What it launches.

  • Mitsubishi AI Speech Recognition


A new technology is developed where if you have multiple sound inputs for e.g. In any room a person is giving speech but in that room so much noise is present. Then if you concentrate , then you can only hear it otherwise you don’t. But here with the help of AI, in real time, it filters having only a three second delay. Then it splits real time frequencies that What is the Actual sound and What is the Actual Noise.

  • Samsung India To Double Production


This update is from Samsung India. Now in India, Samsung to double out its product capacity because demand is obviously there.

  • Apple Taking All The Profits


This update is from Mobile Phone Profits. This data is for the 2017 first quarter. Here Apple is the leader for the whole mobile phone or smartphone industry. Here 83.4 % share is from the Apple. Now you can imagine if whole industry earns 100 Rs, then 83 Rs is earned by Apple only . Previous year share of Apple is 79.8 %. but now it increases. Samsung is only getting 12.9 % but it was previously 21.90%. So a bad news for Samsung.



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