Top Budget Earphones Under INR 1500 ($ 23.30)

Hello Friends

Music is the all that you are listening in your daily life or you are using a variety of earphones or headphones. So today in this post I am talking about Best Budget Earphones To Buy Under Rs 1500 ($ 23.30).

Today I come with not one, two or five but with a variety of best headphones for you. I will tell you Which One is best or Not ? Which One You Should Buy or Not ? The earphones that I recommend is provided with a link otherwise not. So I hope that you would like it.

so let’s start

First of all

  • House Of Marley-Little Bird= 499 INR ($ 7.76)


These are the Little Bird Earphones. Please don’t purchase these earphones because its not good at this price. I will tell you more good options so stay away from them. However it looks beautiful but the sound quality is too low. So best options are available. So don’t purchase these House Of Marley Little Birds.

  • Amazon Basics Earphones= 499 INR ($ 7.76)


These are good earphones. Bass is almost good but vocals are not so good. These are decent type of earphones. Its Sound quality is good. In 499 Rs, if you want then you can purchase these earphones .

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  • Skull Candy JIB= 569 INR ($ 8.84)


These are children like earphones because they comes in variety of colors. Build quality of these earphones are basic. Its sound quality is too low so forgot about it and don’t purchase it. A far better earphones are available at this price which you can buy.

  • Audio Technica CLR 100= 620 INR ($ 9.64)


These earphones does not support Mic. If you want Mic then you should have to pay more. The sound quality and clarity of these earphones are amazing first class. The Build quality of these earphones are somewhat delicate. If you don’t put it safely then it can be stinked. But quality of sound is amazing. In 620 Rs, this Audio Technica CLR 100, its an amazing deal.

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  • JBL T-150A= Price Keeps Changing


These earphones are having an amazing bass. These earphones are amazing. Price of these earphones keeps changing so check for low price and buy it. Normally its nearly about 600-650 Rs. If you don’t want bass and want a balanced sound then keep reading this post. So these JBL T-150A earphones at this price is a killer deal. So search on Amazon and buy it.

  • Panasonic RP-TCM 125= 690 INR ($ 10.72)


These earphones having a more bass by which vocals are not coming clearly. Highs and Lows are muffled in these earphones. If you talk about only bass then its having an amazing bass. It comes for Rs 690, so its a good option. Fitting is also very good and having a comfortable experience. So you can buy it if you want more bass.

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  • Sennheiser CX 180 Street II= 779 INR ($ 12.11)


These earphones can be favourite of all you. Here you get a good quality earphones. Cable quality is also good but seems to be flimsy and strangest. It seems to be durable. When you use it then you see its amazing sound quality. Here you don’t get a Mic otherwise a good earphones at a price of Rs 779 where you get a good bass and all together balanced sound.

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  • Sony MDR-EX150 AP= 899 INR ($ 13.97)


These are Sony’s blinking earphones. These earphones are having a price of Rs 899 and also very good but you don’t get that amount of bass. At this price sound quality is satisfied. But if bass is more then its a good thing but overall quality is good. Its wire quality is good which you can like.

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  • One More Piston Fit= 999 INR ($ 15.53)


These earphones having an amazing wire quality and audio quality is also very good. Here you get a complete balanced sound in lows, mids and highs. This is a good option under Rs 1000. If you spend Rs 1000, you get a balanced sound.

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  • House Of Marley-Smile Jamaica= 1215 INR ($ 18.88)


These are those earphones that are amazing in its build quality. You can get the best standard wire and completely braided cable and these are wooden earphones. It seems beautiful in its look and build quality but sound is not so good. Some better earphones if you get piston fit. These are not suitable at Rs 1215. I don’t recommend it to you in terms of its sound quality.

  • TAGG T-07= 1699 INR ($ 26.40)


If you want a wireless option, then these earphones are quite amazing. These earphones are having a balanced bass, its not so high but adequate. Its battery life is nearly four and half hours. These earphones seems to have a good option if you have this amount of budget.

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I again tell you please don’t buy House of Marley-Little Birds, Skull Candy JIB and House of Marley-Smile Jamaica as these earphones looks are amazing but in terms of sound quality they are not suitable so don’t purchase them.



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