• Siri Expansion


This update is from Apple. Here functionality of Siri (An Apple Voice Assistant) will be improved by Apple. Now in upcoming iPhones you can do various things using Siri which you can’t do till now. A Siri Speaker will also come in market at the end of this year. Apple can announce it in the WWDC 2017.

  • Waymo Testing Trucks


This update is from a company named Waymo which is working on self driving cars. Now it also started testing the self driving trucks. In Future somewhere you will be able to see self driving trucks on highways and roads.

  • The Essential In Trouble


This update is for a company named The Essential. Here Spigen filed a trademark complain at Essential because this word Essential is trademarked. Spigen says that you can’t use this name. So see what happens, its name is changed and what result comes between Spigen and Essential.

  • Facebook Talk


Facebook will soon unveil its new tool that is a messaging application named Facebook Talk. For this app you don’t need to have Facebook account. This app is specially for teenagers whose parents wanted to monitor their children, that to whom they talk or they are  victimed by Cyber Boolem or not.

  • IIT Kharagpur Developed Ambusens


An interesting Technology is developed at IIT Kharagpur named Ambusens which is basically works as an ambulance. So the ambulance patients that are coming to hospitals, their real time complete analytics or patient data can be tracked in advance by doctors at hospitals. By this, the hospital becomes prepared in advance that which or how the treatment should have done.

  • No Broken Screens In Future


This update is for the discovery of a material. An interesting miracle compound was discovered by scientists, after that it can be seen in mobile phone screens. Then screens of mobile phones can’t broke. It is very strong and no scratch is seen on that.

  • Android Bug Bounty Upto 200,000 $


This update is for the Android Bug Bounty Program whose rewards are increased upto 200,000 $. Now you can find a big bug in Android and become rich by these rewards.

  • Skype Copying Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat


Stories comes in Skype named Highlights. So some photos and videos captured are shared and they get expired after one day. So skype is copying Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat.

  • Instant Tethering On Chromebooks


If you are having a Google Pixel or Nexus device or if you are having a chromebook where if you are using its latest Canoria OS. Now here you get a functionality of instant tethering. Hence if you don’t have wifi, but you have data on your phone then instantly you can share your phone data with your chromebook. This functionality is already seen in iMac and iPhones named Instant Hotspot.

  • Shorts For Running


If you wear these shorts and run on marathon, then you can run more faster because these shorts stimulate your muscles and give support to them. Now you can run efficiently. These shorts are good for the patients suffered from injury. They get benefits from these shorts. If you are a casual runner, then you can wear these shorts.



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