• CBSE 10th Results


Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE will declare class 10th results tomorrow on and . Students waiting for their results can check the results on either of the websites mentioned above.

Please note that Students can also check their result will the help of IVR. The IVR system of CBSE Results will facilitate the students to get the CBSE Class 10 results via a call (charged at 30p per minute per roll number). Students will be required to dial the following numbers to get their result. The numbers are: 011-24357276, 011-28127030 (MTNL), 54321223 (Tata Teleservices), 54321202 (Airtel).

  • 4 New Ipads in WWDC 2017


This update is from Apple on World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) which will be held from June 5 2017. Here Apple can launch 4 New Ipads and can also launch an Apple Pencil 2.

So see what Apple do in WWDC 2017.

  • Samsung To Open TTS for MSME


This update is from Samsung. Here Samsung has tied up with Indian Government Ministry MSME ( Micro Small And Medium Enterprises ). Now Samsung is giving some technical skills and can start some teaching schools where Samsung can integrate more better with peoples who are interested in Technology industry.

It is a good thing that India’s Small Enterprises, MSME and Medium Scale Enterprises can learn something better from Samsung.

  • Google Sheets Using Machine Learning


This update is from Google Sheets. If you are using Google Docs and Google Sheets then in Google Sheets, directly with the help of Machine Learning for you it automatically make charts. Basically its not similar with Excel where you have to select data and then select the type of chart.

Now click on an option in Google sheets, it will automatically makes a chart based on your data.

  • Mumbai Metro Now On Google Maps


This update is from Mumbai Metro Integration with Google Maps. Now you can get Mumbai Metro details on Google Maps. You can easily know where it will go and from where it will come. A good thing for strangers to Mumbai

  • Youtube Policy Update on Advertisements


This update is for Youtube Creators. Here Youtube is making their guidelines more strict that which video gets Ads or not. Because you know that some Youtube Creators are saying that they don’t want Ads. So youtube cleared that if small guideline is not followed and if there are some sanctioned or hateful content is seen, then on that videos, no Ads are available.

  • British Airways IT Outage


You know that for some internal issue in British Airways, flights gets delayed. Now reports said that One contractor by mistake turned off some lights, from this all problem is seen. So you see that one single mistake can do such a big thing.

Think that if for one minute Internet stops then what would happen ?

  • Artificial Intelligence Predicting Age


Now Artificial Intelligence can see human organs, examine it and predict their age that how many years more the human can live. Hence the system is not completely accurate. Its accuracy is 69%.

  • Essential Smart Glasses Unveiled


This update is from Essential, a company of Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin now comes with one more patent. Here you get Smart Glasses which is quite better than Google Smart Glasses. It can be seen that there may be two cameras in it or there may be a display on your glass. This is an interesting thing.

  • All Major Ports With Renewable Energy


In India, now our 12 Major Sea Ports can operate on Complete Renewable Energy. Here It can be seen that 75 % of the energy comes from Solar Farms and 25 % of the energy comes from wind energy making it complete renewable.



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