• Nest Cam IQ-4K Security Camera


This update is for a new type CCTV camera which is Nest Camera IQ. Here you can record videos in 4K. Hence its not always record in 4K, normally it records in standard full HD. But if camera knows that some activity is going on, then it senses their motion and start recording in 4K. After that, you can zoom to see who is intruder and you can see activity in front of camera.

Tell me in comments, that if you wanted to use such device in your house or office.

  • Mohit Goel Gets Bail, Freedom 251 is Buried


Mohit Goel is the person who done promise with Indians, that he gives a smartphone in Rs 251. But neither the phone sells nor anyone get it. He get jailed in the month of february for this fraud. Now he gets bail and come outside. Hence, not a single part of his company Freedom is seen at far far away.

  • Shadow Brokers Are Hitting Hard


This update is for Hacking Group Shadow Brokers. This group says that some more exploits are unveiled to any user that pays them 22000 Dollars in the month of July. This group is that which recently leaked the data of NSA (National Security Agency), after that complete Wannacry Ransomware comes. But now which exploit they have to get leaked. See?

  • Microsoft Phone


This update is for Microsoft which is doing an internal research of its new upcoming window phone. Here a new type of phone development is running from Microsoft which is a Windows powered phone. They said phone still in early development and plans may change dramatically.

  • Asus ROG Zephyrus


This update is specially for gamers. Now a slimmest gaming laptop is released by Asus where you get Nvidia latest 1070- Graphics Card. This laptop is available at a price of 1,48,000 Rs. But now it sells only in US and Canada. In looks it is a cool classy laptop.

  • Youtube Update For Android


This update is for the Android Youtube users. Here the layout of Youtube is changed, after that Navigation tabs can be seen in bottom which is basically seen on iOS.

  • Indian Tablet Market Going down


Research said that Indian Tablet Market is going down. Here no one is buying tablets and tablets are getting declined by users. It also shows that Samsung is on first place, then Datawind is at second and Lenovo is at third.

  • Macbook Upgrades in WWDC 2017


Strong Rumours saying that definitely in WWDC 2017, Apple unveils its new Macbook Upgrade. Here Macbook Air refresh is pending for many years, which can also be seen in WWDC 2017. A macbook can also be revealed with 32 GB RAM.

  • Yu Yureka Black On Flipkart


This update is from Micromax that its phone Yu Yureka Black will launch tommorow. Phone is all black black and black. This phone can be bought exclusively on Flipkart.

  • Intel And Microsoft For eSIMs


Microsoft plans that Laptops should be connected not using Wifi but by using eSIM cards. So Microsoft done partnership with Intel to make these eSIM cards such that If you are outside your city, then you should have sim data with you. Then these eSIM cards copy that data into its storage. It convert that sim data in actual sim without using any physical card.

For example, if you have Airtel sim then you wanted a Jio sim but you don’t have Jio sim with you but you have Jio sim data with you, by using these eSIM cards it can be possible. This feature is only available in Laptops but soon it become available in your smartphones.




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