• Western Digital Blue 3D


Western Digital launched the line up of SSDs named WD Blue 3D. Here 64 layered 3D nano design is used. This is the world’s first 64 layered 3D designed SSD. Its speed is almost amazing and it ranges from 250 GB to 2 TB storage capacity. Its price for 250 GB SSD is 99 Dollars ( nearly 6500 Rs).

See when it comes in India. If you wanted to build a PC today, definitely use of this one SSD should be an amazing thing.

  • The Bezel-Less Essential Phone


Unveiled Today, The Bezel-less Essential Phone by Android Co Founder, Andy Rubin. It is an amazing phone having an interesting design. Here you get World’s smallest 360 Degree Camera that can be attached manually on this phone. Its price is 699$ (nearly 46,000 Rs), but if you want a 360 Degree camera with it, then you would have to pay 749$ (nearly 50,000 Rs) .

See How this phone sells and comes in Indian Market.

  • TRAI’s New Policy 


TRAI basically plans to release its own policy where they plans to get Promotional offers checked before comes in market from Telecom Companies. The idea is to look at the promotional offer complete details and pricing to confirm the definition of the given promotional offer.If any change is required, they tell them that a modification should be done.

  • India’s Online Education Industry on Boom!!


Reports said that, Surveys from Google and KPMG clearly notifies that Indian Online Education Industry hits 1.96 Billion Dollars till 2021 which means nearly 12-13 Crores. It can be a big market Industry in India. Online Education grows very fast in small areas where Internet is reaching day by day.

Tell me in comments that you support Online Education or Not. Or Just Go to school and then Tutions are sufficient.

  • Intel Core i9 Processor


Intel developed a new type of segment from which it can be easily differentiated between i3, i5 and i7 and a big consumer update i9. In future, you will get 18 core processor also. But now Intel developed a Core i9 7900K processor. It is basically a 10 core CPU having a base frequency of 3.3 GHz.

  • OnePlus 5 on 15th June


Another Flagship phone of Oneplus, Oneplus 5 will launch on 15 June. An internal email is leaked showing the details of phone launch date. In India, it will launch at same time. It may be the end of June.

  • Intel with International Cricket Council


Intel now use its Falcon Drone in ICC Champions Trophy 2017 .Here an advanced pitch reporting is done and there may be a specular bat sense by which we can now see batsman swing of bat more clearly. Now an interesting Tech can be seen in Cricket.

  • Robot In Church


In Church, now to give blessings, a robot is placed where you can go in front of it, then it choose your voice, that you are male or female. Then a voice comes from robot, God Bless You and there comes a bible word on screen.

This is an interesting system used in Church. Think of that if this type of robot is placed in Indian temples, gurudwaras and masjids, then what we do with them.

  • Semi Transparent Solar Panels


A semi transparent solar panel placed on your house windows can harness energy inside your house. An interesting device developed by a Korea Research team.

  • Interesting Robotic Hands


This research gives you two new hands. Here with the help of four hands you can work more efficiently. You can control these hands with your legs.You can do a gesture movement in your legs to control your hands.

It convert your hands from dual core to quad core.

  • Jio Fiber=100 GB for Rs 500


Reports said that Jio Fiber Preview Offer can be launched near Diwali. Here you can get 100 GB data in Rs 500 at 100 Mbps speed, after that its speed decreased to 1 Mbps.It can be seen that 4 GB FUP and 3 months trial can also be available.





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