• Vodafone Red Shield


This update is for the Vodafone Red Shield App that now offers insurance for your mobile phone. If you are a Vodafone Red Customer, then for the whole year insurance, you have to pay Rs 720 means EMI of Rs 60 per month. With this insurance you are given with up to Rs 50,000 cover. Any smartphone device you have purchased recently if damaged then a cover up is given. If your phone is theft, then you will also have a cover up.

So a good thing but please read all the terms and conditions before applying to any type of service.

  •  Tech Going For Artificial Intelligence


Research said that all the big companies in the worldwide are investing for Artificial Intelligence. Basically the new startups that are coming acquired by big companies very fast. Here Alphabet Corporation, a Google Parent Company have already acquired 11 new startups in 3 years. Here race is going on between them, all want results in future and wanted to increase their fame. They all wanted to provide better AI services.

  • Judy Malware In Android Phones


This update is for your Android phones malware. Here research shows that Securing Firm Checkpoint tells about one more malware whose name is Judy. This malware automatically clicks on Ads coming on your phones. Basically you are disturbed from these different types of pop ups opening. This malware is seen in nearly 41 apps available on Google Play Store and approximately 36 Lac humans become a victim of these malware.

You have ever seen that many of the Ads are opening in your phones time by time. Then it can be possible that you become a victim of this Judy malware.

  • Silk for Ear Drums


Australian Researchers developed a natural silkworm which is helpful for the patients having a damaged ear drum. Basically this silkworm can actually repair a human ear drum with the help of silk. We saw that silk had this ability to become a really strong biological membrane that would support cell growth in ear drums.

So anybody having a damaged ear drum can repair it by using this silkworm. So it is an interesting research.

  • Samsung Investing In Chip Units


This Update is for Samsung chip plant. Here Samsung plans to increase capacity of chips. They are investing more in manufacturing of memory chips in China. But Samsung not telling that When they are investing in batteries, they don’t tell till now. Only chips chips and chips!

  • Snapchat Incorporation to Get Drones


This update is for Snapchat users. Here Snapchat Incorporation, a parent company of Snapchat can acquire a Robotics company named Control Me Robotics which are making drones. Here you see some drones for Snapchat photos. For example, you are given with a Snapchat spectacles, same to that drones having cameras from which you can click a picture.

  • Arm Cortex reveals A-55, A-75 and Mali G-72


This update is for Advanced Risk Machine (ARM), they revealed three new things, one is Arm Cortex A-55 design, another is Arm Cortex A-75 design and Mali G-72 GPU. Here you get some improvement in the form of processing and efficiency for their upcoming processors based on these architectures.

  • OnePlus 3T Discount


OnePlus started a referral program before the launch OnePlus 5. Here you can share the links, if your friend purchase some items from Oneplus, then you can get some discounts on existing Oneplus products. This is the complete scenario. Also for Oneplus 3T, Rs 1500 cashback offer is given on the use of State Bank Cards.

  • India On Top With Biometrics


A proud news for India, India in worldwide comes at number First for Biometrics Adaptions. Basically India Adapted Biometrics such as fingerprint scanner. Here India comes in First Place. This shows that India is open for all technologies.

  • ISRO’s Big Venture


ISRO soon launch its new rocket GSLV Mark-III. Here it can carry satellite of 4 tonnes. Basically it is a heavy rocket and ISRO One more Program is running with the help of that, we can send Indian Proud Humans or Astronauts in Space.





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