Top Tech Cool Gadgets Under Rs 500

Hello Guys, Today in this post I am talking about the Top Technical Gadgets for your daily Use Under Rs 500. I Hope that you liked my previous post for under Rs 1000. So I hope that you would like this also.

So let’s start

First of all

  • Philips-On Ear Stereo Headphones (Rs 440)


These headphones do not sit on your head but behind your head making them extremely comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. They are light weight and costs only Rs 440. They have 32 mm drivers. You get a 1.2 meter long cable and the headphones have a base vent. Also their lower end is pretty good for the price these headphones are available for.

Extremely comfortable especially for longer period of use and for this price, a pretty good headphones you can get.

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  • Remax-RU-U2 Mobile Phone Charger (Rs 499)


This is a desktop charger has 4 USB ports two out of which offer 2.1 Amp while the other two offer only 1 Amp. You can charge your mobile phone as well as your tablets. Over at the front you get a convenient stand to put your phone down. If you are watching a video while charging your phone, you can simply put it down on this and you get really good angle to view your video.

You can also use this for tablet as well and the stand will hold tablets upto 7 inches without any problem. It comes in this metallic gold color. It will  go really well if you have gold  color phone. It costs only Rs 499, a pretty good purchase for that price.

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  • Lens Coffee Mug (Rs 347)


This item is not completely tech but definitely a good one for tech lovers and specially somebody use into photography is the Camera Lens Style Coffee Mug. Now usually these coffee mugs are pretty expensive in the past but this one only costs Rs 347. The good thing about this is that it is having a completely stainless steel lining on the inside. So it will keep your drinks warm as well as safe from any sort of contamination.

The plastics on the outside are food grade and BPA free, therefore again making it safe to use with your drinks. For 347 Rs makes an excellent gift or a perfect drinking accessory for those hot coffees or hot teas.

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  • ARC Mouse (Rs 430)


This is a wireless optical ARC mouse. Now this one is extremely feasible and comfortable in your hand. You get a stand and scroll wheel and a good thing about that it folds up for convenient portability. This is a standard wireless mouse and you do get about a ten meter range with this. It works on 2 AAA batteries. It also have a convenient magnetic holder for the receiver of the mouse. Definitely a worthy purchase for Rs 430.

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  • Quirky USB Hub (Rs 375)


This is a Quirky Contort 4 port USB Hub. It is really light weight, small, compact and available in a bunch of colors and converts a single USB port into 4 USB ports. So its definitely a perfect accessory for laptops as well as if you have an i-Mac desktop, then it comes in handy for you.

Great thing about this is once you plugin your USB cable, you can rap it around its quirky contort allowing you to manage your cables and therefore removing clutter of cables on your desk. A definite worthy purchase for this price bracket for somebody who is looking to clean up the desk of the mess of the cable. This will definitely come in handy.

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  • Phone Stand (Rs 350)


This is the expanding stand for your smartphones. Now this is really a convenient stand that folds up and expands according to your requirement. It only costs Rs 350. Its available in a whole bunch of designs and patterns along with completely plain finishes. So whatever color and design you want you can get that. You can also open the stand up and place it on a cover like needed.

If you would like to take it with you, only need to do is expand the socket and place the phone on table and the socket will make it stand. Its available for Rs 350 and available in a bunch of colors. Somebody looking for a portable convenient stand and an additional grip for your hand and this one will definitely come in handy.

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  • Auto Timer Socket (Rs 599)


This is the EDIOS Automatic Cutoff Timer. Now if you keep forgetting to turn off your power plugs, this is definitely something that you should get it. For Rs 599, you have 3 timings, so you can turn off the socket in 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours. Its really simplistic and set the time plugin whatever you need to turn on the socket, after the stipulated time, the socket will completely turn off and you will be protected from fire hazard.

If you keep forgetting to turn off your irons, your coffee makers or even your phone chargers, this will definitely comes in handy. If you restart the power, all you need to press the rectangular button over the front. For Rs 599, definitely a worthy purchase specially for those who keep forgetting to turn off the sockets.

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  • Cable Protector (Rs 299)


This is the set of cable protectors. For Rs 299, you get a 4 piece set cable protectors. If you have cables, then tie up quickly, if specially you have iPhone cable, it phrase really quickly. If you want to save it from frange, only need to do is put this cable protector at the end where your USB port, lightning port or simply the cable to protect it from frange very easily.

This works with all sorts of cables such as Android, Iphone, Micro USB, USB type C or lightning cable. It can also work with your laptop chargers. It is pretty convenient for Rs 299, it will definitely extend the life of your cable considerably.

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