• Google Play Music with 4 Months Trial


This update is for US viewers. In US, Google Play Music is now giving 4 Months Trial instead of 1 Month Trial. After that they have to pay 10 Dollars (670 Rs).

In India who gave such amount of money which seems much greater than phone operator bill for 1 month subscription. We already have Wynk Music, Hungama, Gaana and Jio Music. So I think a deceptive deal for Indian viewers.

  • Google, Facebook Control Terrorism-G7


A meeting of G7(Group of Seven Countries) countries is done where a request is made to Google & Facebook that they should take some strong measures to control terrorism. They said that every post that comes and anybody reach that post through Google, if that post is extreme, then it must be filtered.

  • Three Times Resolution


A research had done where Scientists have found a surface after that displays of your mobile phones, laptops, computers and TVs such that their resolution can be increased to 3 times. Previously we have 3 sub pixels on a single pixel namely Red, Blue and Green. But now we have basically one sub pixel that can mimic all colors depending on the voltage applied.

  • Charging Via Clothes


An Interesting research had done by scientists where clothes that you wear can become portable chargers. Here actually a coating of conductive plastics is applied on clothes after that while walking or travelling you can charge your phone through your clothes.

Think that you wear some Jacket and go outside and can easily charge your phone through that jacket.

  • Memristor Image Processor


A processor named Memrister Image Processor is developed which can work as our mind. It consumes very low amount of energy. Normally our human body tissue processors which can process the graphics, images easily, this processor can process it more fastly where images can be processed at very low power.

See What When and Where this processor comes in a device.

  • Brain Controlled Movements


An amazing research is done by scientists by which those patients suffered from Paralysis or have a Paralysis attack can give signals to their brain to move their hands and legs with the help of a head cap. If any patient successfully gives a signal to their brain for first time. Then they can give signal directly to their brain after that without any head cap.

  • Shape Changing Pasta


This update is for a 3D printed shape changing pasta. Here at MIT, with the help of 3D printing, a shape changing pasta is developed. Now your food including noodles and pasta can be packed very easily. After that if you cook it then it comes to their real shape. Otherwise first you store it and transport it then their shape is completely changed.

  • School Using Artificial Intelligence


This update is of a Paris school where with the help of Artificial Intelligence, online students taking online classes such that their eye and face movements are tracked. After that AI sees the concentration of the student that they are distracting or not, sleeping or not, or concentrating or not. After that an alert is sent to the student telling them about their concentration.

  • Google Personal Search


If you are searching on Google, then a new tab is given to you which is a personal tab. Personal here means that your photos and the gmail data stored on internet. Then you can search any picture in your own data through this personal tab. This personal tab can be activated by clicking on it or from more option you can get this tab.

  • Samsung Galaxy J5 & J7 (2017)


You have seen various photos of these phones from front and rear side previously by some leaks and rumours. But now it is released on the Samsung Official Website. This phone also supports Samsung kid mode as it appears in the list of kid mode. If you are a fan of Samsung and wanted a Mid-Range phone and waiting for long time.Then very soon Galaxy J5 & J7 variants of 2017 comes in market.



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