• Samsung Patents For Smartwatch And Display


The Display Patent given by Samsung is for the Tablet Display which can be rolled to half of its display and its size can be decreased or increased according to your choice.


The Smartwatch Patent given by Samsung is the Smartwatch with a camera at the centre having optical zoom. The wristband is having a display which you can wear on your hand.

  • OnePlus 3T Is No More


OnePlus Started discontinuing its phone Oneplus 3T globally. In India, it will be continued for some time. Globally started decreasing slowly because of its new phone launch of OnePlus 5 very soon. OnePlus wanted to increase its revenue for its upcoming phone thats why they no more wanted to sell OnePlus 3T. Hence it can be seen that the phone can be of the same price as OnePlus 3T.

  • Apple VS Qualcomm: Fight


Qualcomm said to court that Apple not giving payments at time. But we know that Apple already sued Qualcomm for $ 1 Billion. Now Qualcomm may get a loss of $ 500 Million because Apple is not giving money to Qualcomm for some patents. Apple says Qualcomm want money without any reason. Qualcomm says that we want money. We don’t know what is going on. But we know that Apple everywhere takes their legs to show his monopoly.

Let’s see at the end What Court finalize?

  • Mobile Ransomware: Kaspersky Lab



Nowadays, Ransomware attacks are also seen on Smartphones. Kaspersky, an antivirus company said that Ransomware attacks increases 3 times on mobile phones. In First quarter of year 2017, numbers of Ransomware attacks are nearly 2,18,000.

I don’t experience it till now. Tell me in the comments if you have ever experienced it or heard about it. Also tell that if now you have to format your phone, then you  have a backup plan or not, or you don’t need your data.

  • Idea 4G Launch: Mumbai


Idea have an Idea. Idea 4G started in Mumbai Circle. Now Idea offers services in whole India. They are giving a gift of 10 GB data free for 3 months. Now what is the terms and conditions here. We don’t know and don’t wanted to know about it because we have Jio and Airtel 4G.

  • Gionee S10- Selfie All Around


Gionee launched its three phones named Gionee S10. Basically it is one phone and three variants. Here 4 different types of cameras are shown. Rear camera is 16+8 Megapixel and Front camera is 20+8 Megapixel. Its processor is Snapdragon 427,  Mediatek P10 and Mediatek P25. Its price is 16000 Rs, 22000 Rs and 26000 Rs.

  • Instagram DM with New Updates


If you are sending direct messages to anyone, here if you are sending photos, you are sending basically it in square shape. But now you can send photos in Landscape or Portrait Mode. Now you can also share links with its preview. This feature is in iOS but not in Android. But it soon comes in Android.

  • Startup Definiton Changed- Indian Government


Startup Definition is changed by Indian Government. Now Any Company not older than 7 years or started in previous 7 years or its turnover should be less than 25 crore. Then these companies are termed as Startup Companies and have access to all benefits which are given to startup companies. Previously the time is of 5 years. Now Indian Govt. plans for ‘StartUp India StandUp India’.




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