• Fitness Trackers-Calories Not Accurate


A Research done in Stanford University, California where fitness trackers from different companies including fitness trackers from Fitbit, Samsung and Microsoft etc had taken. They tested the accuracy of trackers but unfortunately here results shown that calories amount is not accurate. Heart Rate is almost accurate showing only 5% variation in results. In calories measurement it lags behind showing 27-93% variation in results.

So we can measure our Heart Rate and Steps taken, but we can’t believe on their calories amount.

  • DjI Spark For $499


A good news for Drone lovers. Here DJI launches its new Drone named DJI Spark which is very short in size. Interestingly the power given to you is bigger than its size where 17 minutes of flying time is given. Its range is also very good. It comes with a 2 axes stabilized camera that can record HD videos. You can directly control it from your smartphone. Its price is nearly 500 Dollars. If you want extra remote, then you would have to give 700$ for its bundled package.

So a very short drone in size and a good product. If you want to fly it. Tell me in the comments.

  • Samsung Hitting for 4 Nano Metre Processor


Samsung is planning to come in front at chip manufacturing Industry. Samsung is planning to develop a 4 nano metre chip. Samsung has completely cleared its roadmap towards this processor.

So see How they decrease the size of a chip? See When it comes? or How Its possible?

  • Instant Braille Translator


You know that when I talk about some text or manual book or some newspaper where it is very difficult to get its braille version.

For that people who are not able to see and don’t read it. Here a small device developed by MIT students such that if you put that device on some text at down its photo is clicked by a camera and then this device recognize it using OCR and then characters come outside in the form of braille at front side. Then a blind person can feel those characters and read it very easily. Hence its size is very small and it can work for a limited text. They are now planning to scan a full page to show the braille line by line. Then it becomes a good device for blind persons.

  • Malware with Subtitles


The malware attack which you have might not think about. If you are downloading content from various torrent sites. Here the torrent files can come with a malware file attached with it. It can be done if you download movies from torrent and play it on your VLC media player, here the subtitles attached with it can be a malware. Then your system can be affected by this malware.

So please avoid downloading files from torrent or avoid SRT files to download.

  • 3D Printed Rocket Launched: Newzealand


Newzealand launched a 3D Printed Battery Powered Rocket. It is made up of carbon fibre. It is a very good thing and in future if we talk of space programs where billion and million dollars are spent.Then this huge cost can be decreased if we print rockets from this technique.

  • Fine on Airtel, Vodafone and Idea By Govt.


Basically, the fine that the TRAI issued on Airtel, Vodafone and Idea for 3050 Crore. Government sees that the fine should be paid by them or not. Airtel, Vodafone and Idea raised a request to DOT (Department of Telecommunications) said that please leave this fine from them and do some mercy on them.

They are not paying Govt fees, then how can they pay this huge amount of fine. So it is a very interesting news. See Airtel, Vodafone and Idea get some discount or not.

  • Twitter Gets Emoji 5.0


Twitter got 69 new Emojis in their new Emoji 5.0 version. Sadly till now we can’t edit tweets. Sometime a mistake had done and we are not able to correct it. We think of doing editing using auto correct feature but there is no such option.

When this update comes?





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