Top Tech Cool Gadgets Under Rs 1000

Hello Guys, Today in this post I am talking about the Top Technical Gadgets for your daily Use Under Rs 1000. So I Hope that you would like it.

So let’s start

First of all

  • JBL C300 SI-On Ear Headphones (890 Rs)


These headphones are available in Black Color. They do have big JBL branding on them so they don’t look bad. The design of headphones is an On-Ear design, So on the top of your ear, ear cuffs are nice and comfortable. So you can wear these headphones for a longer period of time. The head band is also extremely adjustable and extremely comfortable to wear. So you don’t have any issues with these headphones. Cable is nice and long and you do get 3.5 mm gold plated connector.

The overall sound is extremely bass heavy and you don’t find us complaining about that. All in All, for a price of Rs 890, the JBL C300 SI, a pretty good- On ear headphones for those looking for budget friendly headphones.

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  • Power Cube-Search Protector (999 Rs)


This is a four port search protector, also has two USB ports and plugs into your wall socket. It gives you four additional outlets along with two USB ports. Both the two USB ports are having 2.1 Ampere and 5 volts. Its available in a bunch of colors one of which is white & black, very nice and the build quality of this power cube is pretty impressive. It does have search protection. So you can plugin your electronics without worrying about them getting damaged.

The interesting design of the power cube allows you to plugin multiple power cubes to get additional power sockets. So that’s way it is  modular and it can come in handy for a lot of people giving you a whole of the sockets without adding more and more extensions and cables etc. For Rs 999, definitely something that a lot of people would need and would possibly want to use.

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  • ZAKK Atom Y86-Bluetooth Speaker (Rs 499)


It is a bluetooth speaker. Its not only a bluetooth speaker but its also a bluetooth handspiece. So you can make and recieve calls on it. It also have an inbuilt microphone. Its completely compact and extremely light weight. So you can easily put it into your pocket and carry it with you. Also interesting that you can use it as a bluetooth remote for your smartphone’s camera. You can also use it to locate your phone or vice versa. Use your phone to locate speaker in case you lost it.

It is a pretty interesting product and its extremely compact and works with your smartphone and an iOS and also with your laptop (Windows as well as Mac OS). So there is no issues in terms of compatability. Its extremely compact if you just look at the size. For Rs 499, the Zack Atom Y86 item definitely makes our list.

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  • Artis L-120-Reading Lamp (Rs 799)


This is essentially a desk lamp or it is an LED desk lamp. It costs 799 Rs and it can be powered by a USB port so it can connect with your PC or Laptop or You can use a Powerbank to power up this lamp. An interesting thing about this that once fully charged can gave up to 5 hours of providing with you light. You can also increase and decrease brightness of the lamp using the touch sensor at the front or You have a tiny switch at the back to completely turn on or turn off the lamp. The goose neck is extremely flexible and you can basically turn it in any direction and it can come in handy for a lot of people especially for studying at night or like reading books.

Just want an emergency backup lamp on your desk. It looks good and its really sleek and clean to look at and a pretty decent amount of light. The fact that it runs about shown on battery backup that you can charge it by standard USB port . A pretty impressive for Rs 799.

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  • ND Filter-For Smartphones (Rs 999)


Speaking of Clicking a lot of pictures, if you use your smartphones for a lot of pictures or videos, this universal ND (Neutral Density) filter for smartphones is gonna pretty handy for you. This allows to keep your shutter and aperture constant by adding a sort of dark filter over your lens. If  you use ND filters on your DSLR camera’s a lot, this is something that you have found pretty ingenious. Considering our recent reviews, that you use your phones for shooting, this device really comes in handy for 999 Rs.

For those who shoot a lot of videos with their smartphones, the ND filter is definitely yes. The Nd filter is well built and its made out of metal and pinch on your smartphones or camera lens. It is also a variable ND filter, so you can spin the ring around to get the right kind of the neutral density filter that you need for your shot.

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  • Life Straw-Portable Water Purifier (Rs 1040)


It is a portable water purifier. This bottle looking water purifier goes with you when you goes outside and it completely come in handy with you. It costs a little over 1000 Rs for 1040 Rs. It will filter up to 1000 litres of water. You insert one end of this filter in dirty water and drink from the other side of the straw. It removes 99% of the water borne bacteria along with parasites, it also filter down the water to 0.2 micron. It can be stored for up to 5 years and is something that a lot of people will surely buy it.

If you are going out travelling outdoors and like to drink a lot of water or if you don’t have clean water around you, this life Straw definitely come in handy for you. It is extremely light weight and just only 156 gm. It does come with a little lanyard, so you can hang it around your neck and drink water whenever you need it.

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  • Amazon Basics Tripod 50 Inches (Rs 849)


This is a basic tripod that come in handy for your compact camera or your smartphone for capturing video or if you are using a DSLR ,you can use this for clicking pictures but not videos. This is a basic style tripod but it does have a 3 way pretty head allow you to tilt and pan while taking those shots. It measures 16 inches when collapsed and stand up to 50 inches opened up fully using the three collapsed legs.

For Rs 849, its a pretty steady tripod and included a weather resistant bag especially handy for those who do travelling with this.

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      If you want this life straw then you can get it on the link provided in the article. If you are not from India, then you can buy it from Amazon at the price of $ 19.95


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